• Distribution network operation with PSIngo


    Smart network management through network transparency

  • PSIngo is revolutionizing grid operations


    Network transparency not only helps to eliminate disruptions, but also creates new opportunities.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 


    Needs-based control of flexibilities through powerful algorithms.

Network Digitization Shows Potential

The future of energy supply highly depends on a sustainable digitization. Digitization of power grids: The only way from passive feed-in to active grid management along with transparency and security.


We therefore need insights into our distribution grid and especially into the low voltage. This is the only way to move from passive feed-in to active grid management. PSIngo is a highly standardized transparency and automation platform created for this task.



PSIngo recognizes the status of grids in real time - key to new, powerful tools.

PSIngo with an example of the low-voltage grid

PSIngo/360Monitoring & ControlNew generatorsRenewable energy producers such as photovoltaics, wind or energyfrom biomass can be efficientlyintegrated with PSIngo.This is the only way to efficiently use all potentials to a maximum.Smart Grids with PSIngoWith intelligent networks, energy transition becomes an advantage.Capacities can precisely be determined, utilized, planned.Artificial intelligence brings new advantages: predictive, automated operation and assistive, or even autonomous management of resources.No electrification without loading managementA large number of charging stationspushes conventional networks to their limits. Intelligent charging counteracts this: The charging process gets aligned with use, capacity and supply. The resources are thus distributed as efficiently as possible.Measurement and ControlSmart meters and measuring pointsprovide status information for network transparency.Controllable resources can actively and intelligently be adapted to the workload.M Voltageiddle

PSIngo – a Moduar Approach


PSIngo modules, suitable for each individual solution:


  • PSIngo/SE: monitoring of states and utilization
  • PSIngo/NA: Grid connection planning with Neplan Anywhere
  • PSIngo/LV: Low Voltage
  • PSIngo/MV: Medium Voltage
  • PSIngo/MG: Micro Grid
  • PSIngo/AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • PSIngo/VU:  Monitoring and Observation
  • < PSIngo/EV:  Load and charge management



Interoperable Platform for Data Management
and Preparation for Function Modules


of all protocol standards

Remote communication with measuring and control devices takes place using standardized protocols (e.g. IEC 60870-5-104). Access to either LoRaWAN network servers or downstream IoT platforms is obtained by IoT protocols.



from 1st low-voltage grid onwards

Included software modules are individually configurable. Performance and scope of them can be adjusted depending on the area of ​​application. 

of individually required function modules

For displaying latest measurements, specific visualization modules are available. They are applied by different measuring devices.

of processed data

Processed data and functions of an active grid operation are ment to facilitate grid management. Either as an autonomous system or as support for decision-making.



of a control system communication

For the integrated control system solution (PSIsmartcharging), GridConnect offers a new, cloud-based variant with PSIngo/EV. Both variants are almost infinitely scalable and expandable.



PSIngo is revolutionizing grid operation

Network transparency not only helps to eliminate disruptions, but also provides tools, enabling for planning the energy transition long-term. Clear advantages are apparent:

Modern Grid Management

  • good value digitization
  • interoperable platform for data management and preparation for function modules
  • need-based control of margins
  • user interfaces for easy human-machine interaction


  • cost-effective status detection
  • minimal need for complex measurement technology/sensors

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • tailored distribution of potentials
  • refinement of real-time, IoT, historical and static data using artificial intelligence

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