PSIconnect System Platform

PSIconnect orchestrates all components using the latest technologies such as K8s Docker, Kafka and the IoT protocol converter.

PSI GridConnect Smart Grid Image

Interaction of all Components


PSIconnect not only forms a digitization level between the field and control systems, but with its APIs is also open to applications and legacy systems of the IT infrastructure.

Digitization brings with it active network management and additional, data-driven applications. Especially in times of the energy transition, a powerful range of solutions is available for distribution networks.





PSIconnect – Platform for Grid Digitization

PSIconnect has all the components for successful network digitization at hand, providing network operators with an architecture for numerous solution approaches. It is independent of existing infrastructure and control systems.


PSIconnect exchanges data on the highest security standards with market participants.

Sustainable Process Model

PSIconnect offers the prerequisite for a validated, traceable process model.

Technology Agnostic

PSIconnect distributes all technologies in the smart grid environment and represents a new quality of modelling.

Resilience for Power Grids

The modular architecture approach, options for redundancy and security modules create a high degree of resilience for the energy system.

GridApp ready

PSIconnect is the basis of GridApps, the transparency and automation platform PSIngo for mapping highly automated grid planning and grid operation processes.

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