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    Smart Grids with PSIngo

    Grid operations management for secure, efficient distribution grids: PSIngo – PSI Intelligent Grid Operator.

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    Decarbonized, distributed, clean and digital


    The trend towards CO2 reduction promotes millions of new generating plants and loads in medium and low voltage.

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    Digitization of power grids 


    Efficient system management is required for new system structures.

Smart Grids – Overview

IT-BackendCLS, CPO, EMS, ...AggregatorsPSIconnectAggregation, processing ofmeasurement data and creationof substitute values.... morePSIngo/NAModular software for network planning and calculation.... moreLow Voltage... morePSIngo/360PSIngo consists of decentra-lized modules, connected to each other and to higher-level systems.The selection and performanceof the modules can be con-figured individually. A medium-voltage ring is shown (control:PSIngo/MV) with several Low-voltage networks (partly through PSIngo/LV controlled).IT-BackendThe systems listed here recordvaluable measurement data, used to calculate the network status determination.This makes for economic monito-ring of the low-voltage grids. In case of limit violations or bottle-necks, a target value is sent to the backend.Exemplary PSIngo- applications for this are control of public charging infrastructure via the CPO system or the stepless setpoint specification to the digital network connection point.When it comes to limit valueoverstepping, the control level provides an efficient solution.Risks in network operation canonly be identified clearly throughnetwork transparency.Complexity poses a greatchallenge for both security ofsupply and -quality.From traditional supply networkto the intelligent, resilient smartgrid.M VoltageediumDepotIndustry GridPSIngo/NAGrid Planning


Digitized networks – an investment that pays off many times over.

Smart Grid ready

"Smart Grid ready" means a consistent rollout project, beginning with acquisition of measured data ​​for monitoring and analysis in a secure manner. Patch and device management is the last step. This supports both the initial rollout and functional operation.

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PSIngo smoothly integrates as an active subsystem in the network operation processes and relieves control centers at all distribution network levels.


PSIngo offers well coordinated network control to avoid capital-intensive misinvestments. Consequently there is fair competition in terms of budgets, compared to conventional network expansion. Conventional expansion still lacks digitization features at all. 

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From the network planning point of view, PSIngo behaves economically as a standard resource analogous to conventional methods for network reinforcement.

The right tools for integration and project planning are now available. These tools leverage grid design and support employees.

Scales with grid expansion

Planability is still missing in energy transition. Nevertheless, long-term goals towards decarbonized, decentralized distribution grids are politically predetermined. Accordingly network operator's are looking for a economical, risk-free way of maximum flexibility.

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From the network planning point of view, PSIngo behaves economically as a standard resource analogous to conventional methods for network reinforcement.

The right tools for integration and project planning are now available. These tools leverage grid design and support employees.

Integrated & Resilient

"Decentrally networked" is the motto. It means independent execution of monitoring and control tasks at maximum, but still networked with higher-level controller instances.

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Integration ensures comprehensive work across all voltage levels to meet the required system limits. But it also provides the possibility of receiving setpoints from the control center.

Thanks to the interactive design and the monitoring function of the IEC 104 Security Proxy, your smart grid projects are (n-1) secure and equipped with appropriate fallback levels.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With an increasing market synchronization of distribution network on the one hand with energy systems on the other, AI for forecasting and controlling dynamics is indispensable.

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PSIngo has already gained valuable field experience in detection of network structures using an AI environment involving a few measurement points.

The formation of KPIs to exclude ctritical network situations can be used as of today - a great support tool for control centers.

Control System Independent

PSIngo communicates with the higher-level network control center based on standardized telecontrol protocols. PSIngo provides the control system with targeted operating parameters, network states or aggregated values.

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In the opposite direction, PSIngo receives setpoint specifications or active - passive conditions. Current switch positions and an image of the current parameter set are dynamically exchanged with PSIcontrol, between the control center and PSIngo.

Digitized Grids – a worthwhile investment

  • inexpensive entry through shared IoT technology
  • low entry hurdles
  • unleashes innovations
  • foundation of your digital business models

Decarbonized, distributed, clean und digital

The trend towards CO2 reduction promotes millions of newly generated plants and loads in medium and low voltage grids. The network management of the future is changing rapidly. The framework conditions are already changing as a result of regenerative feed-in and electromobility: new challenges require rapid action.

Solutions arise through secure use of information and communication technologies. It's nothing less than stability and transparency of our supply structures.

Network management of the future is significantly different than before due to the various trends. A data-driven distribution grid operator of the future can ensure secure and efficient grid operation on the basis of various data aggregations.



Digitize power grids and operate them safely and sustainably

Efficient system management is therefore required for the new system structures. PSI GridConnect offers a growing system for the digitization of the distribution grids for the progressive integration of active components. With the visibility of possible bottlenecks via station monitoring and network monitoring, we offer so-called GridApps as a first expansion step. The transparency gained in this way allows the demand-oriented, economically sensible use of intelligent grid controllers in the second step.

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