CPS Power Supply

Central power supply for Telecontrol Gateways with low voltage input

The Telecontrol Gateway CPS is designed as a high-quality dual power supply in a 19 inch housing. The CPS can be equipped with different power supply units for the demanded input voltage.

A complete stack (cluster) consisting of one master and up to eight slaves can be supplied by one Telecontrol Gateway CPS. Also, a redundant power supply with basic supply and backup supply can be implemented. One additonal component, e. g. a network switch, can be redundantly supplied via Telecontrol Gateway CPS.

Basic device

Rack-mount chassis with up to two power supply units


Per power supply unit

  • 1 power cable (AC or DC), 3 m
  • 10 DC cablel, 2 m, for Connection of Telecontrol Gateways