Control System Independent Applications

Challenges of the energy transition pose new requirements. Implemented digitization of power grids offers numerous applications. These can be found in the GridConnect solution approaches. 

Process Coupling using 101/104 Conversion

Connection of stations running 101/104 protocols to a high-level control system via TCP/IP

Stable energy management requires reliable coupling of highly available but at the same time secure telecontrol systems. Stations with different interfaces and protocols have to be connected to control centers.

More about corresponding GridConnect solutions: TCP/IP gateway and 101/104 converter.

Telecontrol Scheme with GridConnect Components

Image of Telecontrol Gateway for Smart Grids

Network Transparency – Smart Grids with PSIngo

Hybrid grid operation management for safe and efficient distribution grids

New modes of operation are no longer visions of the future. Starting with assistive support of operators through to semi-autonomous or independent network control,  PSIngo protects its infrastructure effectively and cost-effectively by quickly eliminating specific bottlenecks.

PSIngo includes all necessary requirements: Control and optimization modules for automation, cascaded charging management plus a micro grid for industrial customers. It includes even energy management for medium-sized and industrial customers.

More about PSIngo and Smart Grids.

  • integration of protocol standards
  • scalability
  • optional function modules
  • provision of processed data
  • implementation of a control system connection

Continuous Monitoring of Energy Supply

PSI GridConnect Scheme / Resilience of Smart Grids

Reliability through highly available systems

For high-availability connections, redundantly connect telecontrol stations at decentralized locations to the control center. If one connection fails, the backup connection takes over the communication.

How to use the redundancy potential of our network components:

  • redundant interfaces for connecting telecontrol stations
  • Bonding interfaces for connecting to the control center
  • redundant power supply of the devices

Protect Power Grids with SPRX

Protection against cyber attacks through secure proxies

IT security is of central importance for system-relevant infrastructures. High safety standards can only be achieved with a coherent overall concept consisting of

  • a hardened operating system with NENUX
  • methods and processes: PSIsiu
  • software components: Security Proxy

Smart Energy enabled by IoT

Universal and secure data transfer using Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has finally found its way into many areas of life, where large amounts of data are quickly recorded and processed.

This trend drives process coupling, where data is transmitted to IoT platforms using technologies like LoRaWAN or 450 MHz radio and lightweight protocols such as MQTT, AMQP or REST.

With the IoT converter, suitable interfaces are now also available for control systems to receive and process data using tried and tested methods.

IoT converter software by PSI GridConnect forms a bridge. It implements a powerful protocol converter between modern IoT protocols and platforms and the IEC 60870-5-104 world.

Raw data and measured values ​​are retrieved from all data sources, converted and passed on to conventional control center technology via the IEC104 protocol.


LoRaWAN raw data can be sent directly from the LoRaWAN network server (LNS), e.g. B. be received, decoded and forwarded via MQTT protocol.

IoT Cloud

The data is often already collected on an IoT platform and can be extracted from there in a targeted manner via various interfaces. The IoT Converter supports typical Cloud IoT protocols such as MQTT, REST, webhooks and publisher/subscriber mechanisms.


In interaction with IEC104 control centers, the converter can be integrated like a normal RTU. The mapping of IoT data to the IEC104 objects is configured via the configuration on the IoT converter. A mapping file can also be uploaded to the IoT converter.

For interaction with IEC104 control centers, the converter is integrated like a normal RTU. Mapping of IoT data to the IEC104 objects is done via configuration on the converter itself. A corresponding mapping file can also be uploaded to the converter.

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