Applications for PSIcontrol

Connections in the PSIcontrol environment offers applications that can be found in the GridConnect solutions

Grid Expansion via Main- and Sub Units

Suitable for your specific application scenario: Exemplary solutions for your network widening

From physical connection of individual stations via main and sub-unit solutions (64 stations) to virtual telecontrol gateways with 1024 stations - GridConnect gives you maximum flexibility when expanding your grid.

1 x PGC-4842 as main unit + 2 x PGC-4842 as sub units

Image of telecontrol grid scaling example 1

 1 x PGC-5102 as main unit + 8 x PGC-4842 as sub units

Image of GridConnect Smart Grid scaling scheme example 2

 1 x PGC-5xxx as main unit + TIG TCP/IP Modul

Image of GridConnect Smart Grid scaling scheme example 2

 1 x TCG-VM (6000) + TIG TCP/IP Module as replicator

Image of GridConnect Smart Grid scaling scheme example 2
Network components and predecessorstelecontrol interfaces
Platform PGC-3000
(Successor of Smart Telecontrol Unit)
Platform PGC-4842
(Successor of Telecontrol Gateway 3G-8)
Platform PGC-5000/5102
(Successor of Telecontrol Gateway XS-Master) + 8 sub units
Platform PGC-6000
(Telecontrol Gateway VM)

Choose from a wide range of options

  • connect individual telecontrol stations
  • rely on main and sub unit solutions (formerly master/slave) - expandable on demand
  • greatest flexibility when expanding installations using virtual devices

Monitoring and Resilience with TIG

Reliability through highly available systems using TCP/IP Gateways

For high-availability connections, redundantly connect telecontrol stations at decentralized locations to the control center. If one connection fails, the backup connection takes over the communication.

How redundancy potential can be baled out

  • redundant interfaces for connecting telecontrol stations
  • bonding interfaces for connection to the control center
  • redundant power supply of the devices

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