Smart Telecontrol Unit VPP-Box

Bundling of decentralised producers in virtual power plants

The compact Smart Telecontrol Unit VPP-Box (STU VPP-Box) offers a complete communication solution to build-up virtual power plants (VPP).

With its modular concept the STU VPP-Box allows a flexible remote connection of controllable producers (photovoltaic, biogas, hydraulic power, CHP) and consumers to a superior VPP control system via fixed network or mobile communication network. Therefore a GPRS/UMTS modem is integrated within the STU. In addition the STU offers a GPS receiver and a Wifi module. 

An integrated Soft SPS interface according to IEC 61131 allows an additional controlling and monitoring of VPP systems.

Intelligent and reloadable applications (Smart Apps) stand for a local process optimazation on VPP system or Micro Grid level. This includes short-term optimazation and a fast reaction to alarm messages.


  • Local control and monitoring of flexible producers and consumers
  • Connection of energy systems to control systems for virtual power plants
  • Secure and redundant connection to transmission network operator for the supply of controlling power range
  • Demand Side Management Controller