Smart Telecontrol Unit

Secure and flexible process interfacing

The STU has been designed to support engery suppliers build up smart grids. The compact and modular design in a DIN rail enclosure ensure maximum flexibility for multiple applications. Beside the secure and high available process interfacing the STU includes all functionality for a decentralized control of microgrids and for the connection of smart meter components.


  • Secure process interfacing for telecontrol lines
  • Redundant connection to the control system via LAN
  • Backup connection via build-in mobile radio modem with LTE support
  • Connection of external modems for the connection via xDSL or Powerline
  • Control and monitoring of processes
  • Protocol converting for the transmission in IP networks



2 x Telecontrol lines
(V.24, X.21, RS-485)
2 x LAN
1 x RS-232
2 x USB
1 x GPS
1 x WiFi
1 x CAN