Platform PGC-5000 in 19 inch format

Components in 19 inch format based on the hardware line 5000.

Process coupling - scalable and secure

The 19 inch platforms are available for this purpose. Their extensive module selection allows a wide range of applications, giving you a highly scalable process connection.

Your networks can be equipped with any number of telecontrol interfaces and connected to control centers via main- and sub units.

The 19 inch product family is a powerful platform in the common industrial format. Equipped with either energy-efficient or performance-optimized processors, these devices are suited ideally for current and future process coupling tasks.

Telecontrol gateway modules meet high security requirements of modern energy management systems, thanks to the VPN security license. The modular CPS power supply is available for a redundant provision of entire device stacks.


  • connection of telecontrol stations to network control centers
  • scaling of networks
  • monitoring of telecontrol lines
  • data preprocessing for relief< /li>
  • redundancy and resilience of networks
  • securing telecontrol lines


  • process coupling
  • main and/or sub unit operation
  • eavesdropping mode
  • security proxy functionality



The expansion stages PGC-5102 are powerful, industrial PC platforms in 19-inch 1U format. The built-in hardware therefore supports 64-bit x86 processors and thus suitable, standardized PC hardware such as optional, fast M.2 memory.

Front side of PGC-5102, based on the TCG XS-MU platform


  • max. 10x LAN interface or 8x LAN interface and 2x SFP
  • 1x administration interface (V.24)


  • PGC-5000

    • 1 GB DRAM, 512 MB Flash
    • 10x 100BASE- TX
    • TPM
    • 2x USB 2.0 interface< /li>

  • PGC-5102

    • Min. 1 GB DRAM, min. 512 MB Flash

      • 8x 100BASE-TX

        < li>2x 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-SX

      • TPM

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