IEC 104 Securtiy Proxy (SPRX)

Protection for the communication of your network infrastructure

Produkt image IEC 104 Security Proxy

Security for smart grids - centralized and simple

Communication between grid components and the control system is subject to high security standards. GridConnect has secured all critical architecture components for this purpose.



SPRX as hardware or cloud solution

The security proxy can be flexibly integrated into existing environments where IEC-60870-5-104 end devices communicate with GridConnect components. This provides grid operators with a platform for process connection that has proven itself in practice and is easy to use.

The Security Proxy offers maximum protection against external threads

TCP/IP Gateway in combination with GridConnect Security Proxy

Image of Security Proxy (SPRX)
Security proxy based on the PGC 6000 platform

Features and advantages at a glance

Protocol check

  • Check for correct IEC104 implementation
  • Verification and decoding of all protocol elements
  • Notification and blocking of non-compliant connections

Proxy functionality

  • Independent instance between control system and end devices
  • Includes direct IEC104 (TCP) connections between the control system and end devices
  • Flexible configuration (CLI, browser or REST API)


  • Filter for incoming and outgoing data objects
  • Whitelist for permitted data objects
  • Actions for filter rules (alerts, logging, blocking)

(D)DoS prevention

  • IPsec VPN tunnel according to IEC62351-3 standard
  • Resource limitation per connection
  • Automatic termination and blocking of connections

Transparent installation and eavesdropping mode

  • Transparent mode via dedicated IP addresses
  • Communication with multiple control systems
  • Flexible access rights for control systems

Statistics and alerting

  • Logging and statistics for filters
  • Logging and statistics for connections
  • Alerting via syslog or IEC104

Focus on the GridConnect Security Proxy

[Translate to English:]  Prozessankopplung von Fernwirkanlagen, die meist gegenüber Cyberangriffen auf Stromnetze ungesichert sind


Intelligence and security for the power grids of the future

The IEC-60870-5-104 protocol is standard for process interfacing of telecontrol systems, which are mostly unsecured against cyber attacks on power grids.

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