Hagener Straßenbahn Relies on Intelligent Load and Charging Management System PSIebus

E-Buses in the Depot in Boelerheide. Source: Hagener Straßenbahn AG

E-Buses in the Depot in Boelerheide. Source: Hagener Straßenbahn AG

Berlin, December 7, 2023 - Hagener Straßenbahn AG (HST) has commissioned PSI Transcom GmbH to deliver the load and charging management system PSIebus for its electric buses. The local transport company has been monitoring and controlling buses at the depot Boelerheide with the PSI depot management system for ten years. For the new electric buses, this system is now being expanded with corresponding functionalities and supplemented with intelligent charging, load and energy management.

The electrification of the bus fleet requires the intelligent management of the limited power supply for charging the electric buses at the Boelerheide depot. The new load and charging management system from PSI will be integrated into the operation in such a way that charging processes are planned and monitored based on predefined data. The available charging power is dynamically distributed, ensuring protection against overload of the depot's electrical supply network. This helps to avoid consumption peaks as well as to reduce costs. The connection to the existing depot management system is via the VDV 463 interface.

With the PSI system, HST is able to optimally utilize its vehicles and charging infrastructure. This ensures the best possible vehicle availability and functionality of the depot as well as the smooth operation of the public transport system in Hagen.

Hagener Straßenbahn AG is the local transport company of the city of Hagen in North Rhine-Westphalia. With more than 150 buses, it transports around 35 million passengers annually on 30 routes in the city of Hagen and the surrounding communities.

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