Smart Telecontrol Unit MGC

Micro Grid Controller for local control of power grids

The Smart Telecontrol Unit MGC extends the application area by specific micro grid controller applications to guarantee grid stability. A flexible programming via integrated PLC according to IEC 61131 allows the usage of applications for balancing of producers and consumers on micro grid level.


  • Decentralized control of power grids
    The Smart Telecontrol Unit MGC makes autonomous control decisions within preset boundaries.

    • Feed-in management
      Single energy producers are switched on and off based on thresholds.
    • Storage management
      Buffering surplus energy locally in order to supply it during energy shortages.
    • Charging control
      Optimal usage of network capacities considering surplus and shortages as well as the customer demands for time and cost optimization

  • Substation automation
    Smart applications can be developed and integrated via an IEC 61131 engineering workbench.

  • Collecting and transmitting of meter values




2 x V.24/X.21/RS-485
2 x LAN
1 x RS-232
2 x USB
1 x GPS
1 x WiFi
1 x CAN