Platforms for process coupling and smart grids

Hardware and software components for secure and resilient distribution networks.

  • Platform PGC-3000 in DIN rail format


    With a minimal size, the PGC-3242 is suitable for applications such as telecontrol gateways or micro grid controllers.

  • Platform PGC-4000 in 19 inch format  


    Devices such as the PGC-4842 are used as gateways between telecontrol technology and control centers.

  • Platform PGC-5000 in 19 inch format 


    Is enables for scaling tasks or TCP/IP gateways (TIG) like the domain of PGC-5102, for example.

  • Plattform PGC-6000 in 19 Zoll (2HE)


    In Cloud Umgebungen und VPN- gesicherten IP Netzwerken ist die PGC-6060 als Kombination von TGC VM und dem Security Proxy die Lösung in virtualisierten Umgebungen.



PSIconnect Platform

PSI System PlatformconnectDigital LayerLoRaWANMeasurement and ControlProtocol AdapterAdapterIoT (REST, MQTT, …)AdapterOCPPAdapterIEC 60870-5-104,IEC 61850, ...AdapterTase.2LMSPSIngo/EVMonitoringPSIngo/SEControlPSIngo/LVField LayerUser- InterfacePSIngo/VU- Dat Browsera Node- Geographic display - SchemesVisualizationNeplan/360PSIforecastRedispatch 2.0/3.0PSIsiuSPRXPSIngo/360AnwendungenSmart MeterTelecontrolTechnologyControllableRessourceData LakeMeteringbackendChargeAggregatorsERP/ GEO Legathy SystemsGrid OperatorGridPlanningControl Center/Grid ManagementGrid ServicePSIconnectProtocol adapters take care of connections to meet standards suchas IEC 61850 and transport themvia secure IP networks.enables automationPSIngo and control of networks as wellas status determination fornetwork congestion detection.Visualization and toolsdisplay states for users clearlyand provide features for safeand efficient grid expansion.Measurement and ControlTechnologySmart meters and measuring pointsprovide status information for network transparency.Controllable resources respondactively and intelligently to theutilization.... mehrControl CentersThe level of network digitizationenables control centers to efficientnetwork management. Networkplanning, network service and network management play perfectlyfor the energy turn with assistive AI armed.Secure IoT connectionsHardened OS (NENUX), safeinstallation and updates (PSIsiu) aswell as secure VPN gateways (SPRX)form this foundation of theGridConnect architecture.... more

Modular setup - functional flexibility

GridConnect platforms can be adapted to all network operation requirements thanks to a modular hard- and software design. The following modules are used for the platforms below:

Hardened LINUX as a basis: NENUX is also available in virtualized form, i.e. it is hardware-independent and easy to maintain.

Telecontrol gateway, as a main unit for network expansion with numerous telecontrol interfaces

Telecontrol gateway, as a sub-unit for network expansion with several telecontrol interfaces

Protocol Converter: Intermediary between modern IoT protocols/platforms and the classic IEC 60870-5-104 world

The Security Proxy offers maximum protection against external threads

TCP/IP Gateway in combination with GridConnect Security Proxy

Intelligent Grid Operator as central smart grid component

Internet of Things converter for Industry 4.0 applications and the new requirements of the energy transition 

TCP/IP gateway for connecting telecontrol stations via the widespread TCP/IP protocol


Visualisization and utilities shows aggregated data corresponding to spacial context. A comfortable user interface offers specific views and tools (e.g. dashboard).

Suitable for connection to control systems in the PSIcontrol environment.

Independent of control systems that are geared towards PSIcontrol or other architectures. 



Safely from telecontrol stations to energy control systems

Reliable process coupling in power grids with GridConnect components.


Stable energy management is the result of scalable, highly available and secure telecontrol systems. The only way how telecontrol stations' interfaces and it's telecontrol protocols can securely be connected to control centers.

  • can be installed redundantly
  • expandable in a modular manner
  • comprehensive security according to all recognized standards (BDEW, NERC CIP)
  • fast pre-processing of telecontrol protocols
  • relief of central system components

Telecontrol Protocols

For transmission of process data between substations and the control center, special protocols are applied.

Image of PSI GridConnect Telecontrol Architecture

As a converter our products support numerous standardized telecontrol protocols including IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 60870-5-101. This allows connections of existing substations to modern control systems.

Additional protocols with PDM or PCM-UART encoding can be integrated easily.

  • ABB Indactic 21
  • ABB Indactic 33
  • ABB RP570/571
  • ABB ZM20
  • AEG F202
  • AEG Geadat 81 1GT   
  • AEG Geatrans GT-2100
  • Bosch ANT WS 850
  • F+H ZM40
  • F+H ZM400
  • FW517
  • FW535
  • FW537
  • HITACHI HC3400
  • IEC-60870-5-101
  • IEC-60870-5-102
  • IEC-60870-5-103
  • IEC-60870-5-104
  • IFV
  • KT BDK3
  • L+G TG709
  • L+G TG800
  • Mauell ME 8008/8018
  • Mauell ME SDN
  • REG-SDN DIN 19244
  • RUS RPT-80
  • RUS TM512
  • RUS TM-800 C
  • SAT 1703
  • SEL SPC15
  • SEL TP20
  • SEL TP29
  • SEL ZPC-1600
  • SEL ZPC-3600
  • Siemens DATAREG
  • Siemens EFD
  • Siemens SINAUT 8-O2
  • Siemens SINAUT 8-FW
  • Siemens SINAUT ST
  • Siemens SINAUT 8-FW-SDN
  • Transparent

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