Components for secure process interface and smart grids:

Reliable connection of substations to a superior control system

Telecontrol systems for the secure process interfacing

In the area of energy management high available, scalable and secure telecontrol systems are important for the process interfacing. Multiple locations with different interfaces and telecontrol protocols need to be connected to the control centers.

PSI GridConnect network components meet these demands.

  • redundant installations and modular interface extension
  • extensive security features complying to the high security standards for data networks (NERC CIP)
  • preprocessing of telecontrol protocols to unburden the system

Scalable Concept for Network Components

Fitting to your specific scenario

Network componentTelecontrol interfaces
Smart Telecontrol Unit 2
Telecontrol Gateway 3G-44
Telecontrol Gateway 3G-88
Telecontrol Gateway 3G-8 + 2 Slaves24
Telecontrol Gateway XS-Master + 8 Slaves64
Telecontrol Gateway VM1024

Select from a wide range of possibilities:

  • Connect single substations to a control system.
  • Choose a master and slave solution which can be extended on demand.
  • Use virtual devices to have the highest flexibility fo the extension of existing installations.

Example 1: Up to 24 telecontrol interfaces

1 Telecontrol Gateway 3G-8 + 2 Telecontrol Gateway 3G-SU as slave devices

Example 2: Up to 64 telecontrol interfaces

1 Telecontrol Gateway XS-Master + 8 Telecontrol Gateway 3G-SU as slave devices


How to guarantee Continuous Monitoring of Energy Supply

Reliability through high available systems

For high available connections connect remote terminal units redundantly to the control center. If one connection fails, the backup connection takes over the communication.

How to profit from the redundancy functions of our network components:

  • redundant interfaces for the connection of RTUs
  • bonding interfaces for the connection to the control center
  • a redundant power supply


Telecontrol Protocols

For the transmission of process data between substations and the control center, special telecontrol protocols are used.

As protcol converter our products support numerous producer dependent and standardized telecontrol protocols including IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 60870-5-101. This allows the connection of existing substations to modern control systems.

Additional telecontrol protocols with PDM or PCM-UART encoding can be easily integrated.

  • ABB Indactic 21
  • ABB Indactic 33
  • ABB RP570/571
  • ABB ZM20
  • AEG F202
  • AEG Geadat 81 1GT   
  • AEG Geatrans GT-2100
  • Bosch ANT WS 850
  • F+H ZM40
  • F+H ZM400
  • FW517
  • FW535
  • FW537
  • HITACHI HC3400
  • IEC-60870-5-101
  • IEC-60870-5-102
  • IEC-60870-5-103
  • IEC-60870-5-104
  • IFV
  • KT BDK3
  • L+G TG709
  • L+G TG800
  • Mauell ME 8008/8018
  • Mauell ME SDN
  • REG-SDN DIN 19244
  • RUS RPT-80
  • RUS TM512
  • RUS TM-800 C
  • SAT 1703
  • SEL SPC15
  • SEL TP20
  • SEL TP29
  • SEL ZPC-1600
  • SEL ZPC-3600
  • Siemens DATAREG
  • Siemens EFD
  • Siemens SINAUT 8-O2
  • Siemens SINAUT 8-FW
  • Siemens SINAUT ST
  • Siemens SINAUT 8-FW-SDN
  • Transparent

Process Interface

Telecontrol Gateway (TCG)

Reliable product family for the flexible and secure process connection of remote terminal units to the control center in the area of energy management.

Smart Telecontrol Unit (STU)

Compact DIN rail device for the secure process interfacing and decentralised control of systems in the low-voltage network.

CPS Power Supply

Central dual power supply for Telecontrol Gateways with low voltage input for the redundant power supply of a complete device stack.

IEC104 Security Proxy

The IEC104 Security Proxy provides a secure and reasonbly priced alternative to safeguarding connetions of telecontrol systems by using the protocol IEC-60870-5-104.


Secure and efficient installation and update of a large number of devices from the product families Telecontrol Gateway and Smart Telecontrol Unit.

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Complete communication solution with modular setup for the connection of small producers to the virtual power plants.