IoT Gateway

The IoT Gateway closes the gap in the secure data transfer.

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) has found its way into many areas of life where huge amount of data is economically collected and processed.

And people notice that in the process interfacing data are increasingly tranferred via IoT platforms by means of technologies such as LoRAWAN or 450 MHz and lightweight protocols such as MQTT, AMQP or REST.

Conventional control systems do not have the proper interfaces to receive these data and to process them with the usual procedures.

The IoT Gateway software of PSI GridConnect closes this gap. It provides a high-performance protocol converter and an intermediary between modern IoT protocols/platforms and the classical IEC 60870-5-104 field.

The IoT Gateway retrieves raw data from different data sources, converts them and forwards them to the conventional control systems via the IEC104 protocol.


LoRaWAN raw data can directly be received from the LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS), for example, via MQTT protocol, decoded and forwarded.

IoT Cloud

Data are often already collected in an IoT platform, which can purposefully be taken from there via various interfaces. The IoT Gateway supports specific cloud IoT protocols such as MQTT, REST, Webhooks and publisher/subscriber mechanisms.


In terms of IEC104 control systems, the IoT Gateway can be integrated like the usual RTU. The configuration of the mapping of the IoT data and the IEC104 objects are specified by the configuration directly on the IoT Gateway. A corresponding file can also be uploaded to the IoT Gateway.


The IoT Gateway is available on various platforms.


The PGC-6000 product family is used as embedded platform with hardened Nenux operation system. It provides efficient i5 resp. i7 processors and 6 resp. 9 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for different requirements.

The IoT Gateway based on Nenux can be used as VMware image in (fully) virtualized environments.

A Docker image will also be provided in the future.

In order to meet highly available and scalable requirements, the IoT Gateway software also supports applications in distributed streaming platforms (Kafka), which can be implemented on-premise as well as in the private or public cloud.


The IoT Gateway can be operated in a cluster. In connection with a streaming platform (Kafka), the data can be cached persistently and redundantly. The data reprocessing and enhancement can perform well in the cluster.

Application areas

  • LoRaWAN - IEC104
  • Converter MQTT/AMQP/WebHooks/REST - IEC104 converter
  • Kafka - IEC104 converter