Virtualized Cloud Components

Process coupling using cloud technology - hardware independent GridConnect products

Flexible and Central


In addition to the hardened NENUX operating system, the virtualized components also include the protocol converter and the security proxy.Virtualized functionality is independent of hardware and can be held centrally. Cloud components offer a number of advantages such as central access, hassle-free scaling and updates. GridConnect Cloud components can even be adapted to current requirements during operation using additional resources.

Hardware Independent Modules

NENUX - Hardened Operating System as a Basis

To ensure secure and smooth cloud operation within distribution networks, NENUX is available in virtualized form too. NENUX is PSI GridConnect's own Linux distribution, used for all current product variants and device platforms. 

TCP/IP Gateway

The TCP/IP gateway in the cloud variant offers an efficient and cost-effective solution via secure VPN connections: Centrally maintainable and easy to update.

Security Proxy

Security plays a central role in cloud operations. The IEC104 Security Proxy has proven itself in numerous devices within productive use for a long time. The proxy can also be operated in data centers, i.e. independently of the customer's hardware components.

IoT Protocol Converter

The converter represents a scalable protocol converter and intermediary between modern IoT protocols, platforms and the traditional IEC 60870-5-104 world.

When it comes to scaling tasks in particular, the protocol converter can rapidly be adapted in cloud operation without hardware intervention during operation. Flexible resource allocation without hardware replacement is a strategic benefit.

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