Decentralised grid control - from identification of the grid status to grid control

Digitize power grids and operate them securely and future-oriented

The decentralized, autonomous system concept of PSIngo relieves the grid operation management and the control systems through the automated, independent monitoring and regulation of the grid without the mandatory intervention of higher-level instances. Among other things, this leads to significant reduction of amounts of data to be transmitted and increases the independence of the system.

Concepts for aggregated information provision as traffic light values allow new insights and optimized interaction with the decentralised and autonomously operating PSIngo. Data points are transferred and displayed according to PSIngo/MC by using standardized protocols. At the same time, they can also be called up in the control center. The automatic archiving and documentation of measurement data and control interventions allows for a detailed analysis of specific grid situations, measurement value sequences and control interventions performed by the system. The additional information provided by the system (e.g. available grid capacities or potentially critical grid areas) is a valuable database for developing further solution strategies in asset management, grid control and network planning.