InGO - Intelligent Grid Operator

Central, cloud-based visibility and control

PSIngo helps the energy industry to achieve the necessary intelligence - even in cloud computing mode only. The PSIngo/Hub platform combines the advantages of a central cloud infrastructure with the possibility of using decentralized grid controllers as a fallback level. This offers operational security and resilience. The distributed cloud environment is particularly useful for managing mass data. This allows enormous amounts of data to be flexibly stored, processed and evaluated. This data is quickly available and can be flexibly used at any time.

The investment costs are low and companies can save expensive hardware of their own. Our cloud solution enables grid operators to quickly react to customer and market needs and also offers maximum security against cyber attacks. Grid operators can optimize network utilization more efficiently than ever before and guarantee maximum supply security. Individual solution concepts can be developed for rural, feed-in-driven distribution grids, as well as for load-driven urban grids and customer-owned microgrids.

Platform-based solution for automation and control of power grids in the cloud, as well as for determining grid status to timely detect impending grid congestion:

Grid Management as a Service (GMAAS)

PSIngo/Hub GridApps

  • PSIngo/MC Monitoring

    • Importing network data
    • Overview of source data for nodes and lines by means of geo images
    • Time series and measured value visualization

  • Grid configurator

    • Switching points and switching status maintenance
    • Provision of network configurations

  • Detection of future congestion points
    State estimator for LV level
  • Control

    • Load management for charging infrastructure
    • Setpoint input for e-mobility backend

Licensing and operation

"InGO365" cloud version hosted on private cloud or on premise