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    Smart grid solutions by PSI GridConnect

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Intelligence and Security: Smart Grids


In order to ensure the best possible security when it comes to renewable energies, modern and stable grids are required that can cope with all future requirements: Solutions for a successful energy transition across all value-added stages, from engineering to control.

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Smart Grid Solutions

Power grids fit for future expansion

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Process Interface

Smart networked energy systems

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Grid Security

Control systems secured against cyberattacks

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Flexibility is the way to future – cloud or edge computing

GridConnect platforms solve the upcoming transformation task for the distribution grid. PSIngo is the product for network capacity optimization, automated network management and flexibility management.



PSI GridConnect - your energy transition



Smooth network operation starts with network transparency. Projects and customers show our strength.


Installed Devices


Active Telecontrol Lines


Security Proxies


Active PSIngo


Battery Charging Stations


Active OCPP Gateways

Plattforms targeting Process Interface

Telecontrol gateways with interfaces und telecontrol protocols.



Plattform PGC-3000
top hat rail format


Powerful embedded platforms in proven industry format based on the PGC-3000 hardware line.



Equipped with either energy-efficient or performance-optimized processors, these devices are ideally suited for process coupling usage.



Equipped with either energy-efficient or performance-optimized processors, these devices are ideally suited for process coupling usage.

19-inch (2HE)


The TCG VM platform covers scenarios in cloud environments and is therefore predestined for secure IP networks.



Cloud ready components are NENUX, a hardened Operating System as well as the protocol converter and our security proxy.




Secure process coupling with GridConnect software (PSIsiu, IEC-104 Security Proxy, NENUX).

Solutions for Energy Network Operators  – Webcasts & Videos (German)

Experience how GridConnect builds smart grids

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With the PSI Intelligent Grid Operator (PSIngo), intelligent grid condition monitoring for grid-supportive charging management of electric vehicles at public charging stations was successfully tested in two Cologne low-voltage grids.

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Our IEC104 Security Proxy (SPRX) offers a secure and cost-effective alternative.

The proxy acts as an independent entity between control systems and IEC104 end devices. As IEC104 master, it establishes connections to edge devices and serves as an IEC104 slave in direction to the control system. This mechanism prevents direct IEC104 (TCP) connections between the control system and devices. The GridConnect Proxy also supports IEC104-compliant, redundant connections to systems and RTUs.

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Product Highlights – Smart Grid Control

GridConnect components in use

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