+++ Berlin, July 2020: SWMI integrates charging infrastructure with PSI Smart GridsSolutions

Cloud-based platform PSIngo for automated control of distribution networks

Berlin, 14 July 2020 – SWM Infrastructure GmbH & Co.KG (SWMI), a company of the Stadtwerke München and a network operator of the local energy supply network, relies on the intelligent grid operator PSIngo from PSI GridConnect to integrate the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles into the local low-voltage networks. The innovative operations management concept for intelligent and automated distribution networks allows a central network status determination for the early detection of impending bottlenecks. This ensures a stable and reliable operation of the low-voltage networks.

Grid-based Charging Management of Electric Vehicles Using Low Voltage with PSIngo Successfully Tested and more...

+++ Netze BW February 2020: flexQgrid - the grid of the future becomes a reality

How to manage the integration of increasingly decentralised generation in the distribution grids? Automatic control of loads and feeders based on the "smart grid traffic light concept" is a response to this key issue to manage the energy transition. Together with our customer Netze BW, PSI GridConnect has being developing standard solutions for the "smart grid traffic light concept" in the consortium with business and research. More information on the start of these research projects refer to the press release of Netze BW:

+++ E-word February 2020 - PSIngo in the cloud +++

At E-world on February 11 - 13, 2020, PSI GridConnect presented the following topics:

Integration of e-mobility by means of cloud-ready Smart Grid Apps

  • Load management for charging infrastructure
  • Network monitoring using IoT data streaming
  • Network operational management and active network management for large scaled DSO´s
  • Operation optimisation by active network management in ineraction with the field force mangement

The response to the E-world 2020 indicated that InGo with the innovative cloud approach meets the market need. The intelligent network automation is currently in demand as well as the application of cloud technologies to develop the network transparency in the medium voltage and low voltage networks.

+++ Hannover Fair 2019 - PSI Industrial Intelligence

Industrial Intelligence was the leading subject at the Hannover Fair. There PSI introduced the possible applications of the KI for distribution networks - the use of neural networks to determin the network state based on historical data. Via self-learning algorithms, it is possible for operators to monitor the current flows in his distribution network. This approach is also economically interesting, because the KI reduces the extensive use of sensors and, therefore, contributes to the efficient network development.

+++ March 2019: Panel discussion on the subject of electromobility at BDEW event +++

On March 27, 2019, Mr. Dr Marcus Sötzel gave a presentation on the subject of "Cascaded Network Management - Charge Management on all Levels". He also joined the panel discussion on the "Smart Integration of the Electromobility in the Distribution Network". In parallel, the Intelligent Grid Operator was introduced in the exhibition.

+++ Presentation on the protection of critical infrastructure in Vienna +++

 The "Smart Grid" was the major topic at the symposium "Switchgears and Network Stations for Power Distribution" on  February 18 - 19, 2019 in Vienna. Thereby, PSI GridConnect gave a presentation on the subject of "Cyber Security and Secure Process Connection".

+++ E-world February 2019: Market launch of the Intelligent Grid Operator "InGO" +++

In the course of the market launch of the intelligent distribution network management system "InGO", PSI GridConnect introduced the intelligent network at E-world on February 5, 2019.  The InGO is a system platform and an open solution, which can be continuously developed by means of new technologies and components, and it´ is both hardware- and system-neutral. The system can be used as a central solution for the control system and mixed operation as well, or as an independent solution in the field.  It is considered to be sustainable accordingly.

+++ Change of the company name "PSI Nentec" to "PSI GridConnect" +++

"PSI GridConnect" ist the new company name from Februar 1, 2019. This name combines the proven business of process connection with the new task of providing "intelligence for secure smart grids".

All business activities formerly run under the name of "PSI NENTEC" will be continued under the name of "PSI GridConnect" from that day. All other data such as commercial register number, bank details, and VAT ID will remain unchanged. All existing contracts and agreements will remain valid. Furthermore, our staff can be reached at the known contact details.

+++ Smart Telecontrol Unit supports LTE mobile radio standard +++

June 2016 – From now on, the Smart Telecontrol Unit (STU) is availble with LTE module. With this module the STU offers a cost-saving alternative to leased line connections for process interfacing. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and a broadband supply with low latencies. In comparison with other mobile radio standards LTE has significantly lower response times for data transmission.