The PSI GridConnect GmbH is located in Karlsruhe, Germany since 1996. In this period the product range of powerful network components for IP based communication networks has been continuously extended.

2019Change of the company name - "PSI GridConnect" ist the new company name from Februar 1, 2019. This name combines the proven business of process connection with the new task of providing "intelligence for secure smart grids".
2010The company´s name is changed to PSI Nentec GmbH. Along with this PSI Nentec gets a new company logo and a modern Web site.
2005NENTEC moves into its new modern business premises in the industrial area 'Rossweid' in Karlsruhe.
2000NENTEC is ISO9000 certified for the first time.
1999NENTEC is integrated as subsidiary into the enterprise group of the PSI AG. The first Telecontrol Gateways are delivered to the PSI division 'electric energy management'.
1996The NENTEC Netzwerk-Technologie GmbH is founded as a spin-off of the Conware Netzpartner GmbH in Karlsruhe/Germany.